What’s Past Life Regression?

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Are you curious about past life regression? Have you wondered why you feel connected to certain places you’ve never been to, or people you have just met? Do you have a habit that you just can’t seem to shake? Past Life Regression can help you explore these questions.

The first time I experienced Past Life Regression I was blown away. I went through the process of hypnosis by going deeper and relaxing my body and mind and was regressed back to a past life where I found myself vividly experiencing the 1950s era. I was skeptical of past life regression until I was fully in it. I felt and saw what had played out in my past life like a movie. I was able to connect the lessons I had learned in that life to the lessons that I am still learning in this lifetime. Surprisingly, they are very similar. Past Life Regression has helped me to see the patterns that I have repeated over many lifetimes, and through this, I am more aware of myself and what changes I am making to improve myself and my life.

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