Past Life Regression Therapy

Regression uses hypnosis to bring the client back (regress) in time, in either this life time or in a past life. Regression allows for the client to go into an even deeper trance state in which they can access and heal memories, traumatizing events and old agreements that may have been forged in past lives. Agreements that may have been made in past lives may still impact us in this life, and these agreements may be hindering us from living the life we desire. When we go into a deep trance state in which we are able to access our past life through our subconscious we have the ability to heal residual energies in that life. Healing that takes place during past life regression has a tremendous impact on the current life we are living.  


Past Life Regression Therapy may assist with: 

  • Healing emotional pains and blocks that may have been carried over from a past life

  • Fears or beliefs that we are not able to explain

  • Exploring Soulmate connections

  • Physical aliments that may have been carried into this lifetime.

  • Discovering and embracing the key lessons learned in past lives

  • Gaining a better understanding of why you feel a deep connection to places and certain time periods

  • Understanding repeating dreams

  • Healing addictions

  • Repetitive behaviors in relationships   

Past Life Regression combined with the healing energy of Reiki is a super charged holistic healing treatment!

Past Life Regression  is not a good fit for individuals with schizophrenia or epilepsy, individuals who consume anti- psychotic medication or those who are under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or illegal substances .

Past Life Regression is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological/psychiatric services, or counseling.

Past Life Regression Therapy

90-120 minute therapy session fully tailored to your needs. Pricing starts at $225 per session. 

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Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you want to go deeper into your past lives? Do you need to heal an issue that just keeps persisting no matter how you try to address it? Advanced Past Life Regression therapy may be for you. Through this therapy, we can address healing our own DNA, healing our genetic lines, or healing our karmic soul connections on a deep cellular level. This is considered a very deep, healing experience. Sessions are one hour in length. 

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Some sessions must be practiced in order. This is for you to receive the full benefits of each therapy session. For you to experience an Advanced Past Life Regression session, you must have completed a Past Life Regression therapy, or have experienced this therapy with another practitioner. 

For any of these services, Jessica can practice a session at your home if you live within Savannah and the Islands for a flat fee of $50.00.

Medical Disclaimer: The use of Reiki, Hypnosis, Regression, Sound, or the combination of any of these treatments does not intend to be substituted from your medical provider’s plan and/or advice. Jessica Chapin of Bliss Reiki Arts is not a medical doctor of medicine, and her practice should not be used without first checking with your medical provider.

No Guarantee Disclaimer: The use of Reiki, Hypnosis, Regression, Sound, or the combination of any of these treatments and the success of the sessions are not guaranteed. Sessions are non-refundable.

Please contact Jessica if these prices are outside of your financial abilities, and we can discuss alternatives. 

Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated. 

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