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I recently had a past life regression hypnosis session with Jessica Chapin. I know, it sounds SUPER woo woo and like I am a little off my rocker (this may also be true). I like to think I was a Viking, a trapeze artist, or a saxophone player in my past lives- disappointingly, none of these came up in our session. Let me set the stage. I went to Jess’s quaint studio where she also does Reiki sessions. I was welcomed with a glass of water and a cozy seat. Then, Jess talked me through what the session would be like. I had no expectations (I rarely go in with expectations in situations of the Woo.) She asked me a series of questions that help to bring my subconscious to the forefront prior to hypnosis. Next, I was visualizing my favorite “safe” space and walking down steps in my minds eye. There was some snapping and counting that people come to expect from what we see about hypnosis on TV. (There was no gold medallion being waved in front of me.) Once I was in my safe space she led me through a “tunnel”, if you will. I was transported into an environment where everything around me was white. I had on a dress from the 20’s and I could feel pin curls when I touched my head. I knew that my dress had a sash and buttons. I couldn’t place where I was floating but when Jess prompted me to move through the space I could see that I was on a photoshoot. I did not want to be there and felt tremendous pressure to perform. So, sensing my discomfort in this life, Jess lead me to another. In the next life, I was a man. I was on a boat in the middle of nowhere. There was a deep sadness alongside a comforting feeling. I felt compelled to jump in. So I did, and then I drowned. This was not frightening but expected like I already knew the plotline. Jess asked me to look into the eyes of my former self. When I did this I could see the pressure placed upon me in that life to be “strong” and not “weak”. I did not allow myself in that life to be who I truly was. So….. I let that shit go. To be honest, I don’t know how this works. (This is why you should ONLY go to a trained professional). Nor can I say for sure these were the former MEs. What I can say is that I had a visceral experience in a safe space. I learned more about who and what I want to do in THIS life. The sensations and emotions that I processed were real. I was under hypnosis for an hour and it felt like 5 minutes. I have many take-a-ways from this experience. The most prominent being my affirmation for the upcoming new moon: “I am soft AND strong."

"Beautiful healing experience. I have done Reiki with Jess online and in-person and both experiences have soothed my soul, she has a beautiful calm voice and strong healing energy. Don't miss it!"

"What an amazing experience with Jessica! She is super intuitive and her healing abilities are incredible. Her sound healing talent has truly brought me peace in life. Please see Jessica at her beautiful and calming studio. 5 stars!"

"Only good things to say about Bliss Reiki Arts. I wanted help with anxiety and stress around chronic pain, and after a few sessions I am much more in tune with my body, my pain is much less than it was before, and I feel more calm and sane. Jess always has suggestions for things to try during reiki and on my own. Highly recommend!"

"Let me say that you did such a beautiful job teaching this class Jess! You created a safe and sacred space for us all-- even over zoom. Your passion for Reiki and authenticity made it meaningful and accessible for all of us. Thanks for figuring out how to include me at the last minute. It was a powerful experience."

"I just finished a past life regression session with Jessica and I can't say enough about how impactful it was. Jessica has an amazing talent for helping people through her use of Reiki and as an intuitive. She immediately connects with her clients and the universe and creates a safe, comfortable space allowing you to let go and receive what the universe is saying. Jessica is completely professional, thorough, and authentic. I highly recommend a session with her! Thank you, Jess!"

"I recently received Past Life Regression Therapy and Reiki at Bliss Reiki Arts. It was a fantastic experience in a beautiful, comforting, safe space. This was the first step to finding what makes the soul complete and happy. Jess is a wonderful guide. The experience left me feeling lighter and happier."

"I enjoyed my Past Life Regression therapy session with Jessica. She is easy to talk with, a good listener, and very compassionate. Her studio is warm and cozy and filled with all the things you’d like… soft blankets and pillows, minerals to pick out that you’d prefer, and hot tea. Learning about your past lives is something you must experience at least once, it was amazing! She was reassuring the entire time and has a calm presence about her that makes you feel comfortable. I am looking forward to going back for more of her services, probably that chakra healing first. See you soon and thanks so much for a great session!"

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