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Deep Healing Through Chakra Regression Therapy

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The Chakra system has gotten a lot of attention in pop-culture lately. This is a good thing! The more awareness that is brought to self and energetic healing the better. I urge anyone seeking a practitioner to do your research prior to choosing a practitioner. Please be aware that a practitioner who uses fear and proclaims to know more about you than you do yourself is probably not going to be the right fit. Please look for practitioners who offer a plan or a package in which they guide you on your healing journey, not the ones who profess to heal you without you having to do the sometimes challenging and uncomfortable work.

Once you have chosen a practitioner, what can you expect from Chakra Regression Therapy?

The chakra system is a vehicle that enables us to listen to what our body, mind and spirit need. There are seven main chakras, starting at the base of our spine going all the way up to the crown of our head. These chakras may sometimes be thrown out of balance; when this occurs, we are thrown off our balance. When this happens, we may feel out of place, not loved or valued, maybe fearful to speak our truth or we may have physical pain such as heart ache or feel our gut tie into knots.


Through Chakra Regression Therapy, we can use hypnosis to regress back to the core issues that we may have sitting at each chakra. As we move through the chakras, we explore how we decided to behave and what we chose to tell ourselves based on what we experienced in the moment; maybe we felt a lack of love or hurt, either from others or ourselves. This hurt may have become internalized at the specific chakra, through the regression therapy process we have the opportunity to release the hurt from that part of our body both physically and emotionally. After releasing the hurt the client is gently guided to create a new way of being, through loving compassion for yourself and the parts of themselves that may have felt pushed down and away. This allows for deep healing on the level of body, mind and spirit. 

If you would like more information about Chakra Regression Therapy and how it may benefit you on your journey, please reach out!