Unlocking Your Soul’s Narrative: A Journey into the Akashic Records

Uncover the threads of your soul’s history, woven into the fabric of time, and gain insights that can shape your present and future. Let’s delve into the mystical realm of Akashic Records, where your soul’s journey unfolds.

Discovering the Akashic Records: A Gateway to Your Soul's Past

In the realm of spiritual exploration, Akashic Records stand as a beacon, holding the imprints of your soul’s experiences across lifetimes. Imagine peeling back the layers of time, recalling events, encounters, and emotions that have shaped your essence. This is the essence of Akashic Records—a regression therapy session that unveils the energy of your soul’s journey.


Akashic Records therapy offers a unique opportunity for clarity, transformation, and healing. Align with your life’s purpose, unlock untapped potentials, and chart a course towards the highest good. The revelations within these records can be a guiding light, illuminating your path with profound insights.

Bliss Reiki Arts Approach: Tailored Akashic Records Hypnotherapy

At Bliss Reiki Arts, our approach to Akashic Records is rooted in personalized hypnotherapy. While we don’t read the records, we guide you through a 90-120 minute therapy session crafted exclusively for your needs. This immersive experience is designed to amplify your connection with the Akashic realm, allowing you to navigate your soul’s history with intention and purpose. 

The Tapestry of Akashic Records: A Historical Thread

To truly appreciate the Akashic Records, let’s unravel its historical origins. Helena Blavatsky, a trailblazer in spiritual exploration, introduced the concept in the late 19th century. Drawing inspiration from Tibetan monks, she delved into the akasha—the astral light—where these records purportedly reside.


Rudolf Steiner and Ervin Laszlo added layers of understanding, relating the Akashic Records to traces in etheric realms and scientific concepts. The biblical mention of the Book of Life found in Exodus aligns with the belief that heavenly records judge souls. Edgar Cayce, a luminary in metaphysics, contributed significantly with his exploration of the akashic field.

A Soulful Symphony: Your Akashic Records Experience

As we navigate the cosmic archives, let the resonance of your soul’s narrative guide you. The Akashic Records hold the symphony of your existence, and Bliss Reiki Arts is here to help you decode its melodies.


Ready to embark on this soul-enriching journey? Contact us to schedule your Akashic Records therapy and unveil the chapters of your soul’s story.