Spirit Release Hypnotherapy: A Journey to Healing and Wellness

Spirit Release Hypnotherapy: A Journey to Healing and Wellness

Welcome to a profound exploration of Spirit Release Hypnotherapy, a therapeutic approach deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of human history and spiritual dimensions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the history, purpose, and benefits of Spirit Release Hypnotherapy.

Defining Spirit Release Hypnotherapy

Spirit Release Hypnotherapy (SRT) is a therapeutic modality that addresses spiritual issues by communicating with and releasing attached spirits from an individual’s energy field. These attached spirits can be Earthbound Spirits (EBs), Dark Force Entities (DFEs), or Extraterrestrials (ETs) who may influence a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

A Glimpse into the History

Throughout history, spirits and their releasement have been a universal phenomenon. Various cultures and religions have described spiritual dimensions and beings. The Bible mentions Jesus “casting out unclean spirits,” while Buddhism’s Tibetan Book Of The Dead explores beings encountered between death and rebirth. SRT, in its modern form, has evolved over the past century, notably through the works of Dr. Carl Wickland and Dr. Edith Fiore.

The Science and Metaphysics of SRT

While some seek scientific validation, SRT is rooted in anecdotal evidence accumulated over a century of case studies. Although not scientifically verified, it demonstrates a common pattern of action, response, and positive results. Metaphysically, SRT delves into communicating with the subconscious and higher self of a client and even other attached spirits. It acknowledges the spiritual nature of humans and the universe.

Types of Spirits in SRT

Spirits come in various types, ranging from helpful to unhelpful. For SRT purposes, we focus on five types of spiritual entities:

  1. The Client’s Higher Self: This is not an external entity but a client’s own spiritual essence.
  2. The Client’s Spirit Guides: These entities help the client’s spiritual development and do not attach to the client.
  3. Earthbound Spirits (EBs): Spirits who have not transitioned to the afterlife and may attach to the client.
  4. Dark Force Entities (DFEs): Spiritual entities with negative intent that attach to the client.
  5. Extraterrestrials (ETs): Beings from other worlds or dimensions who monitor the client.

Why Do SRT?

SRT is typically employed when a client exhibits signs of spiritual attachment, including excessive grief, unusual behaviors, mood swings, or relationship issues. It’s a therapeutic approach of last resort and is not intended for psychiatric or clinically diagnosable issues.

Indications and Issues for a SRT Session

The need for SRT may arise spontaneously during a session or when a client reports various issues, such as excessive grief, occult practices, unusual behaviors, or signs of spirit attachment.

The Client Interview

The client interview serves to explore the potential need for SRT. Questions about the client’s beliefs, experiences, and life events help identify indicators of spirit attachment and the causes that led to it.

The Process of Spirit Release Hypnotherapy

Spirit Release Hypnotherapy, often shrouded in mystery and ancient wisdom, offers a profound journey of healing and transformation. This therapeutic process involves the skilled communication with attached spirits—Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities, or Extraterrestrials—and the subsequent release of these spirits from an individual’s energy field. By addressing spiritual attachments and the causes behind them, Spirit Release Hypnotherapy enables individuals to break free from the influence of these entities, allowing them to reclaim their sense of self and well-being. This therapy can bring about deep emotional and psychological healing, leading to a transformative experience that fosters spiritual growth and personal empowerment. Through SRT, individuals can embark on a remarkable path to self-discovery and wholeness, shedding the weight of spiritual interference and emerging as more authentic, empowered beings.

If you feel that you or a loved one may be suffering from Spirit attachment, please connect with me. I would love to help you find peace.

Spirit Release Hypnotherapy

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