Reiki Near Me

Have you ever been curious about energy healing? Have you ever googled, “Reiki near me?” What came up when you googled, “Reiki near me?”

The answer will vary based on where you are located.  Some of us who live in or close to a larger city will have many more results if they search for “Reiki near me.”

Luckily, you do not have to live in or near a large city to enjoy the healing benefits that Reiki provides. 

My name is Jessica, and I offer virtual and distance Reiki sessions. The distance sessions are the perfect solution to not finding an answer for the Google question, “Reiki near me.”

The only thing you need for a distance Reiki session is a quiet space to relax in which you allow the healing energy to wash over you. No traffic to worry about on your way to and from the appointment, just pure bliss before, during, and after your distance Reiki session! 

Since Reiki energy knows no time and space, the healing energy that you receive during a distance Reiki session, may sometimes seem even stronger than in person. We are not confined to the 3D world. As a practitioner, I can send the Reiki energy to each part of your energy field that is open to receiving it without having to work around physical boundaries. The distance Reiki flows to where you need it most, relaxing and healing the space in your energy field. 

The energy experienced during a distance Reiki session will guide you to open your heart and allow gentle healing to take place. This may feel like a beautiful blanket of love and light that can be felt all around your body. 

Contact me and allow me to guide you in opening your heart and finding your bliss!