How can Between Lives Therapy help in this life?

Between Lives Therapy (BLT) is a therapeutic technique that explores the concept of past lives and the connection between them. This type of regression therapy is based on the belief that we have lived multiple lives and that our experiences from past lives can have a significant impact on our present lives.

Between lives regression therapy is performed under hypnosis, where the individual is guided back through time to a space between lives. This space is often described as a place of peace and calm, where the soul can rest and reflect on its past experiences before being reincarnated into a new life.

During BLT session, the therapist will guide the individual through a journey back to this space between lives. The individual may experience memories and emotions from past lives, and may gain insights into the reasons for certain behaviors or patterns in their current life.

The purpose of between lives regression is to help individuals understand their soul’s journey and the experiences that have shaped their current life. This understanding can provide a new perspective on current challenges and allow individuals to release old patterns and negative emotions that may be holding them back.

BLT regression is not a solution for all problems, but it can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. It is important to note that LBL regression should only be performed by a trained and experienced therapist.

 Between Lives Therapy is a unique and fascinating therapeutic technique that explores the connection between past lives and our current experiences. By gaining insights into our soul’s journey, we can gain a new perspective on our present lives and make positive changes for our future.