Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th brings a powerful surge of analytical energy, grounded practicality, and a focus on health and wellness. Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist, and during this Full Moon, it’s an excellent time to take stock of your life, get organized, and create a plan for the future.

With the Moon in Virgo, you may find yourself drawn to work hard and be productive. This is a good time to focus on your daily routines, your diet, and your exercise regimen. Virgo energy is all about creating healthy habits, and during this Full Moon, you’ll have the opportunity to create a plan for self-improvement.

The Full Moon in Virgo is a good time to be mindful of details, get organized, and focus on the small things that make up the bigger picture. You may find yourself more critical and analytical during this time, but try to use this energy constructively rather than falling into negative self-talk.

On a deeper level, this Full Moon in Virgo invites us to look at how we can better serve ourselves and others. Virgo is a sign of service, and this Full Moon is a good time to think about how you can be of service to the world. You may find that volunteer work or simply being of assistance to others is particularly fulfilling at this time.

As the Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces during this Full Moon, there may be a tension between practicality and creativity. However, this is an opportunity to integrate these energies and find a balance between the two. Virgo’s analytical energy can help ground Pisces’ imaginative tendencies, and Pisces’ creative energy can help expand Virgo’s practical approach.

In conclusion, the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th invites us to focus on practicality, organization, and health. Use this energy to create a plan for self-improvement and to find ways to serve yourself and others. With the right balance of practicality and creativity, you can harness the powerful energies of this Full Moon to achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life.

Here’s a guided meditation for the Full Moon in Virgo:

Begin by finding a comfortable position in a quiet and calming space. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Allow your body to relax and release any tension.

As you continue to breathe deeply, visualize a bright and radiant Full Moon in the night sky. Allow its light to shine down on you, filling you with a sense of calm and peace.

As the Moon’s light fills you, turn your attention to the sign of Virgo. Imagine its analytical energy and its focus on organization and health. Take a moment to think about how you can use this energy to serve yourself and others.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a warm and healing light, allowing your mind and body to be cleansed and purified. With each breath, feel this light filling you with a sense of clarity, focus, and determination.

As the Full Moon reaches its peak, allow yourself to release any negative thoughts, emotions, or habits that no longer serve you. Visualize them leaving your body and mind, and imagine yourself stepping into a brighter and more positive future.

Take a few moments to set intentions for the future, focusing on your goals for health, wellness, and organization. Think about how you can serve yourself and those around you in a positive way.

As the meditation comes to an end, allow yourself to feel a sense of gratitude for the energy of the Full Moon in Virgo. Take a few deep breaths and when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and return to the present moment.

Remember that you can return to this meditation whenever you need to focus on your intentions and connect with the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Virgo.